Corona virus and its impact on Electric Mobility sector in India.


The Recent Corona Virus Outbreak has had a high impact on India’s Electric Mobility section. It is not a hidden fact that a Majority of the Electric vehicles or components are directly imported from China. These manufacturers will likely face the impact of the Corona Virus.

China, is the world’s primary supplier of Automobile components, on which the Indian EV Companies rely heavily for Raw materials and Major components. The disruption in this supply is hurting India’s Electric Mobility sector.

India’s Automotive industry has been struggling due to the rising prices and Improper Funding available due to the problems in the Financial Sector. As a result, The Sales of Electric 02 Wheelers saw a decline of 14% as reported by Reuters India.

Under these situations, the Make in India comes into play. The heavy dependence on Chinese exports has crippled the automobile sector to a point where it directly impacts the Indian Economy.

Goa-based Kabira Mobility, an Exclusive Electric Vehicle manufacturer, prides itself on being an all Indian Manufacturing Company.

With 02 Manufacturing Units Set-Up in Karnataka & Goa along with all Indian vendors for the Procurement of Auto-Ancillary components, Kabira Mobility is truly a Make In India Company.

As exclaimed by Mr. Jaibir S. Siwach ‘’We Believe in the Make in India Initiative and wish for participation from other Manufacturers as well. The Corona Virus Outbreak has truly been a wake-up call that we all needed.” Mr. Siwach further added that “This is the Right Time to Learn a Lesson, and Implement Make in India Initiative to counter the Impact of Such Incidents in the Future and make sure that the Indian EV industry Flourishes and becomes Self-Dependent.”