EV’s – The Eco-Friendly Surf & Turf!


World Oceans Day, calls to us to look at innovation for a sustainable Ocean. Kabira Mobility has one already raring to go in your own back yard. Take the plunge and ride the EV crest before the fossil fuel trough throws you off your game.  

Norlinsk, Russia has been in the news for the massive oil spill that took place in the Arctic region of Russia. Russia has sent several teams for trying to find out the cause of the leak which has endangered a lot of the environment as well as the biodiversity in the area. Today, June 8, being World Ocean Day, one must take cognisance about the oil spill that has caused so much uproar in the world. A lot of species are in danger in the region because of the recent oil spill; however, there is always an alternative to pulling out oil from under the Earth. 

Let Fuel be fossilised… 

If fossil fuels were to be given a rest one might be onto the greener Earth path. Many celebrities, even the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, have come out and voiced their concern about polluting our oceans. In this entire melee there is however, the alternate solution that we all seem to set aside for just talk and not action! Yes, going electric is the way forward into a greener future. Climate change in the regions hasled to the melting of the permafrost rapidly which led to the sinking of the oil well which facilitated the oil spill. If we take climate action into account, its time we gave the fossil fuel a rest. Taking on electric vehicles would reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. Going electric give us a more eco friendly solution to the ongoing depletion of fossil fuels.

KM Bikes- the alternate solution?

Kabira Moblity in Goa, with their range of EV’s has started paving the way to the future. Removing our gaze from the fuel guzzler to the electric motor which pumps out a whopping 100 km/hr is a more eco friendly option. The range of bikes and scooties sport electric motors that will get you a second look on the road while the environment will look kindly on you too! Revving down the by lanes of Goa or your neighbourhood will give you a chance to give back to the environment. Kabira Mobilty gives you a sporty and good looking option to your favourite bike without you adding the pollution quotient of the world. So why wait… come over and zip out on an eco friendly machine.

Saving the Ocean = going electric on Land  

Innovation for sustainable oceans is the way forward for the land mass too. Eco friendly and environmentally friendly options are coming out everyday, its just habit that we stick to our old practices. There are few things that will help us in sustainable living…

  • Reduce our dependence on fossil fuel consumption
  • Look for a cleaner and greener options among the myriad of alternatives
  • Go electric; this will definitely help you create a better environment.
  • Educate people about the Earth and sustainability.
  • Get the younger minds involved, get your child the EV bike he always wanted. 

Going electric on land is a very doable dream; it’s your chance to step out and make the change…will you? We at Kabira Mobility have made it …have you?

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