How can EV rental hubs serve as the last mile transit solution?


Why Rental hub: To find a solution for last-mile connectivity of mass transit, we need to understand our working system like; the majority distance covered by working-class are using metro, buses, local trains, etc and last mile is connected by walk, rickshaw, personal scooter, cycle, company vehicle, etc. which is a yesterday solution and a problem for the future mass transportation system.

First/Last mile connectivity: – a journey traveled by a commuter from home-office-back is divided into 03 parts as shown in the pic below,

First/Last Mile Connectivity

If India Needs a solution for last-mile mass connectivity, then we need some of the basic requirements; Simple & easy to use, Eco-Friendly and Affordable mobility for mass transit. Electric Mobility is the only Answer that can give an eco-friendly and affordable solution for our upcoming NextGen requirement of last-mile connectivity to the metro and other small cities.

The lack of Infrastructure outsourcing for major components and technology inefficiency impacts the prices of such EVs. This proves to be a major deterrent for the price-conscious Indian citizen.

The Solution? The ever so convenient and affordable, Rentals. They are cost-effective with no liability and Convenient. It is the perfect short-term solution. Using a Rental Hub for your daily or in some cases occasional commute, you can save a ton on taxi and auto hailing and rid yourself of the inconvenience of doing so.

More people on bikes equals fewer cars on the road, less pollution, and a healthier population overall. Moreover, it is the spread of EVs to choose from which makes it more appealing. The EVs which you considered not affordable before can be rented out at a quarter or even less to suit your requirements. You will be doing it in an Economical and Ecological Way.

With Kabira Mobility you can shift your last-mile transit worries. With our eco-friendly and economical electric bikes/scooters, we strive at providing convenience to travelers. Rental Hub is the Much-needed solution for all your micro-mobility needs.

Our fleet of EVs is easy to handle and operate, fitted with li-ion quick chargeable batteries and possesses an extended Range. It is also most suitable and reliable for consumers who find it difficult to avail a last-minute transport amidst the city hustle. There’s also the added benefit of No License requirement for Low-speed Models. Very Convenient indeed.

Billions of Indians will benefit from this and avail the appeasing reward of convenient transportation. Be a part of the revolution and experience the joyful ride of the best electric scooters with Kabira Mobility.

We intend to transform the e-mobility sector while shaping the future of transit through a fitter and greener approach.