Kabira Mobility – Unveiling an Arsenal of Electric Vehicles at the Auto Expo 2020


This Year at Auto Expo 2020 marked the inception of Affordable Electric Mobility. Kabira Mobility unveiled 06 Electric Vehicles at a time becoming the first Indian start up to do so.

Kabira Mobility had Experienced more than a Million Visitors at our booth, whose positive and overwhelming experience gave us a clarity about the Nation’s Electric Demand.

Kabira Mobility Introduced a Segment Based Solution to Intrigue consumers from Multiple Age Groups making the Transition to Electric Mobility a whole lot easier.

KM Team at AutoExpo2020

Kabira Mobility Unveiled The electric vehicles for multiple Segments such as, Urban Commute | School & College Students | Women | Senior Citizens. Kollegio, Kollegio+, Kollegio Neo, Intercity, Intercity Neo and KM 3000 were the electric vehicles set for display.

By the End of the Event we were sure that the Electric Vehicle with the most Buzz was KM 3000, its Sporty appearance Bamboozled all the Visitors and Kollegio, which is suitable for Last Mile Connectivity.

It is only a matter of time, till you start seeing the all New range of KM electric scooters and bikes on the road.

Our Products are set to Launch in March at Goa, which will make them commercially available throughout the Nation.

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