Introducing KM 4000, with features you have never seen before in its EV predecessors or its ICE counterparts. This bike is boldly disrupting the status quo with India’s fastest electric bike to ever hit the market. Now, reign the streets, conquer every avenue and discover the whole new limits with this Electric Warrior.

deltaev hub motor

Equipped with a hi-torque BLDC hub Motor, from DeltaEV. The motor provides a peak power of 8000W. Built for Indian Roads with IP67 Water Resistance which allows you to ride in all weather and terrains. The motor also comes with dual sensor and temperature sensor for improved durability.

smart dashboard

The digital dashboard comes with 450 nits of brightness and the Bluetooth connectivity, allows you to check ride statistics. With our Keyless Start feature available on KM Connect, your keys stay in your pocket and the fun begins at the touch of a button.


KM4000 is equipped with inbuilt onboard charging solution. There are 02 charging modes available. An ECO Charge mode takes an impressive 06 hours for a full charge and Boost Charge mode accelerates charging process in 02 hours. The bike supports Type 02 Universal Charger that comes with anti-removable lock, allows you to charge anywhere, anytime!


The tail light of KM4000, illuminates the road optimally to support your safety. Now shine brightly with our Hi- power LED lightning to rode safely and relaxed, even in the dark!

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