Why should you buy an electric scooter or a Kabira Mobility Scooter?

Kabira Mobility electric scooters not only save on your fuel charges in a petrol-driven scooter but hardly strain your pockets with a mere 0.1 paisa for every 10km range.

Where are Kabira Mobility’s electric scooters made?

Kabira Mobility series and all its subsequent models are designed, developed, and manufactured in our Goa unit, as a part of the Make In India initiative.

Do I need a driving license to ride a Kabira Mobility electric scooter?<br />

No. All Kabira Mobility electric scooters are low-speed models. These do not require any registration nor license for riding.

How does the Kabira Mobility electric scooter work?<br />

 A Kabira Mobility electric scooter has three main technical components: the accumulator (including the battery management system), the controller and the BLDC hub motor. There are only a few mechanical friction losses compared to a petrol-driven scooter. The BLDC hub motor also makes the ride technology durable and maintenance-free.of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

What should I look out whilst using the scooter?<br />

The scooter has only a few wearing parts such as the braking status, tyre pressure, and tyre profile, which will need to be checked regularly – make sure the tyres are always properly inflated. And the scooter is fully charged for an uninterrupted, clean, silent ride.

How can I protect my scooter from a theft?

To prevent theft, your Kabira Mobility scooter is equipped with an Anti-theft alarm system that is linked through a mobile app to alert in case of any unwanted external bike movements.


Customer Reviews

It tilts wonderfully in an inclined position and does not feel unstable or overstrained at all

Akshay N

I have been riding Kollegio Neo for 3 months and love to ride silently and without emissions

Sheridan P

I recently test drove Kollegio Neo; It feels so different from a petrol-driven scooter. I am definitely buying it


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