Make a Greener Choice over Noise, this World Environment Day. Get an EV!


As we celebrate the World Environment Day, it’s time to take a look at the Electric Vehicles (EV) that can change the way you travel around a city. The more ‘greener’ and leaner alternative to your everyday fuel consuming and polluting drive is here! Its time to take a look at the new EV’s making the world an environmentally safe and greener one. Be a part of the change in Momentum, be a part of the green EV-olution on this Environment Day.

Celebrate World Environment Day 2020 with Kabira Mobility

World Environment Day 2020 marks the action taken to bring to light the planet’s pressing needs for environmental change and a call for saving the biodiversity. The Earth has healed itself from our rather cruel practices of depleting everything in our wake. During the lockdown we find that the Earth has bounced back faster than we could imagine. So now the onus lies on us to take action and take an active part in climate action, which also is the underlying theme for Environment Day 2020.

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Lights, camera… Climate action
Climate Action calls for every citizen of each country to take a pledge towards a greener and an eco-friendly approach to how we live our lives. Climate Action calls to us to make a promise to keep the Earth- our only home- green and pollution free. Climate Action starts from us, from you and from me. India, a surging power of young and dynamic minds is a fertile place to start. Old practices have to be replaced with eco-friendly and sustainable approaches, while not hampering the growth of the nation. Environment Day 2020 brings us an opportunity to change we move and change the momentum towards eco-friendly Electric Vehicles over fuel guzzling cars.

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KM- the new age EV – lean, mean …green machine!
Kabira Mobility brings to you the chance towards a momentum of climate action with their range of electrical motors KM-3000, KM -Intercity and Revolt RV400. These vehicles also qualify for the call of Make in India that our Honourable Prime Minister has been trying to inculcate into our minds. These EV’s are an important step towards sustainable development. These bikes boast of good looks and good value for money as they take on the likes of a very widely popular cult following of the Royal Enfield and the Activa in its latest avatar the 6G.
These brand-new designs from Kabira Mobility bring to you a chance at climate action with style. These vehicles are eco-friendly and cost effective and would end up paying for themselves in the long run. They are not the bulky and heavy machines of yore but one that will appeal to the new age buyer, with an added tag of environmental change. Keeping the momentum with speeds up to 110km/hr, it’s a shout out to the ones looking out for a new machine. Nevertheless you will find yourself investing in a machine with climate action at its heart.

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Make the lifestyle change
Environment Day 2020 calls for changes in our lifestyle that we have adopted for the past two months of lockdown and keeping the momentum going in the right direction will only further the notion of a cleaner and greener Earth. 50 years hence, we still find ourselves in the quandary harping; the same thing over and over again for climate action, environmental change. When does it change? It’s time , when we make a silent pledge to look towards options that will help us grow and in turn help the environment too!
Take a look at the exciting offering of Kabira Mobility, it just might be the momentum you need in your life.
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