Our story started with an idea

“Kabira Mobility is our vision of green, sector-based mobility that we are turning into reality!”

Founded in 2017 by a team of engineers to revolutionize the commute experience. Since then, we have passionately and devotedly promoted e-mobility, producing hi-performance e-scooters.

Our aim is to have more electric scooters riding on the roads than petrol powered scooters. We believe in effortless style, high performance and emission-free riding.


“Our Mission, is to redefine urban mobility in an environmentally – friendly way.


Jaibir S.

Chief Executive Officer

Akash S.

Product Development

Sandra V.

Retail Head

Alieza F.

Marketing & Branding


“Our Vision is to actively shape the future of mobility with passion, sophistication, engineering competence and the latest technologies.”